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April 17, 2016

Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the war room!

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t the writer for my comic, because then at least I would have someone else to blame when I get to the bit in the script that says “draw an entire holographic city on a table” and the page is subsequently two days late.

On the plus side, this is my favourite colour scheme of all time. Get out of here teal/orange, red/blue forever.


Appreciated? Nah, we’re entitled! :D

Or at least spoiled rotten by your relentlessly amazing artistic skill and talent. You pick. :)

Kidding aside, it’s not just the artistic feat you’ve accomplished with the line-art, color palette, texturing, shading, dialogue, etc. that’s so impressive, it’s the –concept and execution– of a holographic map with that level of scalable detail that wow’s me. I had no idea that such a complex device would exist in the Red Moon Rising Universe! I am continually fascinated by the tremendous range of technology and magical artistry that you present during the story, because it opens up so many intriguing questions into the social and cultural developments that must have occurred, or must be occurring, in this (presumably) human world.

Sometimes I wish I had a well-known podcast type thing going so I could interview *cough*pick the brains of*cough* my favorite writers/artists. Until that happens, I guess I’ll need to do some internet sleuthing to find existing interviews you may have done. :)


Hey Thracecius! Thanks very much for your kind words. :)

I just wanted to say thank you also for the ridiculous amount of nice and encouraging comments you left while going through the comic archives. I read all of them (I get comments emailed to me) and I was very touched by how much you seem to be enjoying the comic. Drawing and writing something like this can often be quite a solitary affair, and sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated and remember what it all looks like from a reader’s point of view. Basically, I really appreciate your comments, and those of everyone else who’s taken the time to say something about the comic. You guys are great!

As for the technological questions you posed, there’s definitely a very wide gulf in the technological levels between Ashul and Imara in particular. Ashul has developed a lot of magically-fueled bits and bobs that Imara totally lacks – airships, televisions, data crystals, and so on.

I don’t know if I’ve touched on this in any interviews, but for me the key differences between the two cultures and their development are environmental – Ashul was founded on tundra and swamp out of necessity, and have only started to take advantage of their other natural resources in the last few decades. Imara and Rishara Caan are situated on much more fertile land, and were able to funnel more energy into art and architecture, and had much less impetus to develop and build military tecnhology. In particular, Ashul is landlocked and the other two nations are not, so airships were the solution to their lack of a navy.

As for wanting to have a podcast in order to pick my brains, it’s not really necessary – I’m quite happy to answer questions here in the comments. :) I don’t always get to everything, but I do try!


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