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April 2, 2016

Sometimes drawing for hours on end every single week gets a bit tiring, but in those moments I often think to myself, “at least I’m not the guy who has to guard outside doors in the middle of a sandstorm” and it cheers me up, you know?


I have a question! Why is this comic called “Red Moon Rising?”
What if he just shot lasers at the guard, only the lasers were full of pineapples and magic. All their problems would be solved, right?


The moon is reddish, and apparently deeply tied to magic.
That is about as much infos I have on that.

Oh, and sadly there are no Pineapples here.
Since pineapples are happiness and stomach burn all in one, they export all of these to rainy Ashul.
Lure them in with the happiness, suckerpunch them with the stomach burn.


Poor guards. Such lousy conditions and worse pay. No wonder they’re so ineffective.

I mean, maybe it’s just that they are not even good enough to be minions. I hear that pays better.


I’m so glad I found this comic! I binge-read the entire thing over the course of two days and now I’m kicking myself for not taking it slower (I JUST did this same thing with another webcomic WILL I NEVER LEARN). I loved it so much I think I’m going to go back and read it all over again. The art’s just…I’ll put it this way: I’m an impatient reader and I skim a lot, but your art is so amazing that I found myself stopping to admire practically every single panel. Not to mention that the story and characters are both just as great as the art…I’m in complete awe basically

good lord you are RUTHLESS when it comes to killing off characters, though! In a good way, of course. That chapter definitely had the desired impact. I’m harboring a foolish hope that a certain few are still alive, especially considering the whole recent corpse mix-up. Number one rule of fiction: nobody’s dead until you see the body!

Right well this got long so I’ll cut it off with a relevant comment. Beautiful page! I love the lighting especially.


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