Page 82

August 12, 2009

I decided to jump right into chapter 2*, though I’ll probably draw and backdate a cover at some point**. And this is just a big page of “look I can too draw backgrounds” after all the blurry rubbish backdrops from the last chapter. Poorly lit flats are the worst.

I didn’t want to do anything lame like stick the location name in a box on the page, since I hope you’re all smart enough to realise this is, in fact, an entirely different place from the last scene. Please tell me you can see that. If not, I give up.

Anyway, the vote incentive is some concept art for Dakaia (the city) that I drew to try and get a feel for the different architecture, though I decided to pick a less blazing colour scheme for the final page.

Edit: Ahhhh! :D Lookit! Non-cow related RMR fanart. Awesome!

*Note from the future: This used to be the opening for chapter 2.
**Another note from the future: It’s 2013 and I still haven’t done this, somehow.


That first panel is just awesome. Wish i had your background painting skills! Interesting story too, gonna keep reading this… :D


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