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February 5, 2016

…aaand we’re back! Along with a certain character.

Sorry for the extended delay in updates, I wasn’t expecting to be on hiatus for anywhere near as long as it turned out. Unfortunately I lucked into yet another chest infection in January, and there was some fun flooding issues in my flat that I’m not even going to get started on. Anyway, I wasn’t sitting on my hands this entire time…

Check it out! I’m in an anthology! I wrote and painted a short story about tumbleweed and ~revenge~ for the Poor Wayfaring Strangers anthology, a collection of wild west/fantasy themed comic stories, all headed up by Erin Mehlos of the fantastic Next Town Over.

I’m very flattered to be included with a bunch of other extremely talented artists and writers on this, so if you’d like to read the book, please consider chipping in over at the Kickstarter! Really hoping to see this in print, but we gotta hit that goal.

In the meantime there’s a small snippet of my anthology story up as the new vote incentive – I know, a new vote incentive! Will wonders never cease?

As ever, thanks everyone for reading. :)


-violent flailing-

Magic squirrel is back ooohh yesss.

And I’m not sure is Samara is being driven by sympathy towards her dead crew members or the inconvenience of a broken ship. Or both.


Yay! So glad you’re back. Sorry you were sick. :( Can totally understand about flooding. We had a huge flood in the basement of our old house a few years back. It was not a fun experience. Hopefully all of that is behind you and things are getting better!


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