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July 24, 2009

More fire, hooray. Sorry for the late-in-the-day update, I’m moving to a new flat this weekend so you can imagine things are a bit hectic. Monday’s page might also be a bit late as a result – I won’t have internet access at my new place for a wee bit, though the plan is to come back and squat in my old flat with a laptop… so we’ll see how that goes.

Edit – I completely blanked on this and forgot to mention it: Red Moon Rising has properly joined the Sage Comics collective now! That’s probably been pretty obvious due to the corner ribbon that’s been on the site for over a month, but it wasn’t quite finalised until now since I had to send a bunch of small stuff (banner graphics and things) to Alice in order to be added, but then my site got hacked… I’m sure you can imagine what took priority there. I finally got around to it though, and you should all check out the comics on Sage since they are cool, and also awesome.


Fffffffire! It’s a fire!

The expressions, I live for the expressions!

Also, yay Sage Comics!


Gawd, I just noticed how pretty their eyes are. In such a simple, subtle way, too.


I always go back in after I’ve finished the page and add a bit more detail to the eyes, since I find it really makes the whole thing pop when the eyes are suitably shiny and what-not.


Doh! I just spotted the magical markings on dear mister fruit-fu san’s face I’m sooooo sloooooooow (and bad at names I should add)

A question occurs, do the markings follow the skin & thus the contours of the face. Or do they shine out two-dimensionally? option 1 sounds harder to draw, at least to me. perspective, shadowing & just weird things happening to symbol outlines. option 2 seems both easier, creepier and yet like cheating (no criticism implied, I’m just curious)


Interesting thought process for Mr. Danil there. “Hmm… what should I throw at her now that I’ve hit her with an apple and a glass of water? Ooh, I know! A fireball!!!!”


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