Page 76

July 22, 2009

This page was twittered about excessively in real time as I raced Metruis of Between Places to see who could get a page done quicker. I lost by at least an hour, but this page only took six hours in total, which I’m still pretty pleased with. She is clearly just some sort of crazy drawing machine. (I’m over here on Twitter in case anyone wants to know what I happened to have for breakfast on any given day.)

I’m making a little attempt to get back to the comic’s cel-shaded roots by trying to get the cel-shading looking good on its own so I don’t have to do quite so much touching up, which invariably makes the art look a lot more painty. Also, I’m trying to be a bit more judicious with my use of the extra shadow layer, especially on the faces. I think it’s looking good combined with the newer lineart method, and the whole colouring process is only taking like an hour and a half now, which is crazy. If only I could actual draw faster…


Wow, this is an awesome comic! Still pretty recent, and I am happy to be in on the ground floor of such a great story! By the way, is this webcomic associated with any group of similar stories?


Wonder if she has any magical talent.

What does “AWOL” mean?


Guess we’ll see!

AWOL means “absent without leave”. I thought it was a common enough term to just leave it in there, but I guess it stands to reason that not everyone would have heard of it. Essentially, she’s a deserter.


You know what, forcibly conscripting magic wielding youngsters sounds like a GREAT idea.

With all those hormones and super powers – who needs enemies?

I cant remember if i’ve commented here before, so i want to say great comic, love the artwork!


Haha, gotta regulate ‘em somehow… most people see it as a great honour, and mages get treated way better than everyone else. Of course, despite that not all of them are happy about it. And thank you!


Throwing in my vote from the University of Michigan right now… which means I can vote again today when I get home!

Ooh, do we get a story from Adrianna now? Or will we barrel ahead with the plot? : D


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