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July 20, 2009

I really am digging the whole not-inking thing so far, so much so that I ended up spending a lot longer on the lineart for this page than I normally would. Of course, this is one of those fun pages where nailing the expressions was the most fun and important part, so it was a nice way to spend a Sunday – just tweaking things, then blasting through the colouring, as usual.

Along those lines, the new vote incentive is just the lineart for this page since I didn’t have any time to draw up anything except the page this weekend. And we’re falling out of the top 100! Come on folks!


And the detail is lovely. The lineart is gorgeous.

Also, although I know your process (and it’s similar to some other artists I follow), I still have no idea how to make my lineart kind of blend in/become part of the picture like here. I like that kind of nuance, too. It’s the best.

For some reason I didn’t realize hydrokinesis was a word…what? (apparently my spellchecker doesn’t realize it either)


I’m not entirely sure how the lineart blends in either, it just sort of… does. I do drop a colour over the lineart usually so it’s not pure black, in this case a mid-tone ochre at about 12% opacity, but that makes a very minor difference.

Actually, thinking about it, that’s a giant lie, I totally know how it blends together. Once I’ve done the colouring I drop some gradients over every panel to lighten things up, then I go in and paint some final details on top of everything and do a contrast adjustment. I’ve only been doing it for a little while now, but I think it adds a lot of depth. If it helps, here are some stages:

Initial colouring:
Plus gradients:
Contrast adjustment:

And then I stick the texture and dialogue on, and that’s the final page. Not sure if that’s what you meant, but there you go!

Also, I’m not entirely sure hydrokinesis is a word… but hopefully it’s preeetty obvious what it means, even if it’s not in the dictionary.


Adrianna is gonna get fairly hooched off with this dude chucking stuff at her all day long. I see a nose-punching on the horizon, or my name’s not Elizabeth Katrina Huffle-Doily the third.



Addressing the hydrokinesis issue, Latin is an odd language with many of the words mashed together to make one large (somewhat) easy to remember word. Gastropod (stomach-foot). Technically, even if hydrokinesis isn’t an actual word in Latin you would still be correct because scientists are always mashing the words together to describe something. Like phobias, Arachnophobia. Literally meaning, spider – irrational fear.


Hey, sorry to be a nit-picker, but both “hydro” and “kinesis” is Greek, not Latin. :P
By the way, love the comic. :D


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