Page 71

July 10, 2009

Ok, so I lied about having a new vote incentive, I just didn’t have time and it’s like 6:30pm now, faiiiil. There’s something weird about the fact that I was updating more promptly when I was doing a page a day.

For some reason this page was absolute murder to get done… maybe because it has real backgrounds, unlike the last few pages and also probably because I couldn’t decide on a colour scheme. I thought it’d end up more green than this, but hey… whatever, I don’t really like green anyway. Also, the rendering seems to be creeping away from cel-shading and towards being more painterly (again), which I guess I’ll need to keep an eye on, since over-complication is my sworn enemy. My computer kept crashing too. I put off formatting my hard drive to get this page done in something vaguely resembling a timely fashion, but I think it’s really asking for it now.


LMAO! The expressions. Oh, wow. And the tension…you could cut it with a dull spoon. It’s thick as pea soup. More so from Adrianna though. Galak looks annoyed and bored. LMAO! Classic, Kyeth!


Aw, poor Adrianna. Did she have to shake hands and say sorry in front of the whole class?

I’m pretty sure that Galak’s magical boss partner blue bubble dude is gonna show up, in which case Adrianna should swiftly bop him on the nose to establish superiority. Then she’ll be in charge of the whole show.


Hey, how do we know Galak’s name? As far as I can see it was never mentioned…

Any way I really like this comic. The art great, it’s got a pretty intruiging story, I’ll be following this for quite sometime :)


You’re right, it hasn’t been mentioned in the actual comic yet, only in my notes underneath the pages. There hasn’t been a good opportunity to bring it up in the story yet, but it’ll come up eventually. In the meantime, you’ll just have to take my word for it. :) And thank you! Glad you’re enjoying it.


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