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June 28, 2009

Ok, so the good news: my new tablet arrived! A spiffy Intuos4, and it works just like it should. There’s an excessive amount of pen wear due to the textured surface, but otherwise it’s realllly nice.

The bad news: most of you probably noticed that there was no update on Wednesday. That was due to my laptop imploding on Tuesday afternoon, requiring a format which ended up taking the better part of two days and pretty much killed any chance of getting a page up on time. In the end I decided just to nix the update and try again for Friday. Hopefully that’s the last of my technological mishaps for now, since I think I’ve had a rather unfair amount over the past month or so. I’m running out of things that haven’t found some way of breaking.

Also, I coloured this page in front of a very jolly audience over on Livestream, which was lots of fun, even though it meant a lot of false starts as my laptop’s processor didn’t seem to like having Photoshop running at the same time as the streaming software. I’ll definitely be doing another one (probably on Sunday), if any of you are interested I’ll be announcing when exactly over on my Twitter account. Twitter’s also a good place to garner hints about why the page isn’t up yet, since it’s almost custom-built for complaining incessantly.


Props to you for keeping this comic going despite the massive amount of crap trying to keep you from it. You are doing a wonderful job! Keep up the good work and hopefully, (fingers crossed) your string of terrible luck is nearing its end. :)


Thank you. :) This month’s been a real mess for consistent updates, but I’m doing my best and it’s wonderful to have such supportive readers.


Are you trying to imply that your Live Journal can’t also function on a steady diet of disaster and complaints? I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what it’s for.

Still, additional kudos on putting on quality work regardless. If I’m actually around when the streaming begins I’ll have to make sure I come along to that, so I can make helpful comments like this person should be angrier/on fire/Darth Vader.


That’s true, though I think Twitter is better for complaining in general, since you don’t have to consolidate everything to a single post. You can just keep whining and whining and whining…

And yes! The more the merrier, livestreaming is turning out to be a lot of fun.


I was one of the people watching the livestream last night — it was a lot of fun :) Very interesting to see how you work, and I adore your accent! Unfortunately I could only watch from about 10 to 11pm (my time, so probably 9 to 10 over there) as I had to be up by 6am this morning. But still, fun times :D


Cool! Glad you enjoyed it. I wasn’t aware my accent was particularly exceptional, but there you go. :) I’ll probably be doing them regularly, barring any more technical glitches.


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