Page 62

August 7, 2015


In the ongoing saga that is my health, I’m pleased to say I’m mostly feeling better! I think working on this page cheered me up a lot.


Shouldn’t he have some sort of marching band with him (well bagpipes would be most impressive) or maybe flower girls to toss petals at the honored guests?
Deserves at least a “Taa-Dahhh!”
Maybe that’s next week?


Hahahahahahahahaha….. *thump*

*picks head back up*

That was the last thing I expected to see. ;D Best page ever!!!


I’m totally with Samara on this one.

What. The. Fuuuu…????

I guess the Triarch is just a huge showboater when it comes to identifying himself as a mage. He’s all, “I’m a mage, dammit! And people gonna KNOW it!”. Or maybe he’s just trying to be super-obviously-friendly-don’t-worry-it’s-not-a-trap-and-we-don’t-plan-to-kill-you-so-here-have-a-cookie-cheers!


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