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June 18, 2009

Behold! Powers of persuasion at work! It occurred to me earlier that if Adrianna were a D&D character she would have the charisma score of a rock. And probably the wisdom score of a rock, too. Actually, she really would be a pretty rubbish D&D character overall. …good thing this isn’t an RPG.

Still sick! But getting better. Tomorrow’s page should be up a bit earlier than the last few have been, too.


“I am a great believer in the power of positive thinking”

I actually laughed out loud there :) That made my day, thanks!


So not going to lie, I love that you compared her to a d&d character in your blog thingie. Also, it would have been hilarious if that had actually worked.


teehee :)
Player: “I say, ‘No thanks’.”
DM: “Roll a Diplomacy Check”
Player: “…I got a 2…”
DM: “yeah…”


Going through the archives and came across this old gem. “…good thing this isn’t an RPG.” OR IS IT!? :D


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