Page 57

June 17, 2009

Galak: not as stupid as he looks. This page nearly killed me dead, especially with Photoshop constantly crashing. Hopefully it’s an improvement over yesterday’s, which I’ll be going back to do some major tweaking on later in the week or whenever I dredge up enough time.

Still sick! It sucks.


lmao, yeah, that’s a great idea. If they ask you if you are “person” and they’re looking at a clipboard, chances are you are already caught. Lying right off to the military, they loooove that.


This page nearly killed me dead, too. I almost burst out laughing in the middle of my VB class… Love that face in the last panel!


Some might go for the ellipsis, but that “say something” triple made me laugh. Also, that the official looks at the page again to make sure it’s really her XD. And here I thought I wasn’t going to get my daily recommended dose of comedy today.


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