Page 55

June 15, 2009

Usually I can’t stand drawing interiors, but this was actually pretty enjoyable and turned out decent, I reckon. I’ve started incorporating some old techniques I had completely forgotten about from the earlier pages that involve dropping gradients over the inked/cel-shaded parts of the page – I forgot what a positive difference that can make to the overall lighting.

Also, I was on the y2cl radio podcast this weekend along with Prestwick from Hard Graft, which was loads of fun. You can hear all of our silly accents. Briiiilliant.


It feels that even though we just started this story,we already understand(and empathize)with the characters.not many webcomics can do this.

also,small question? what’s baconnaise??


Bacon flavoured Mayonnaise….never even heard of it before reading this webcomic let alone tried it, but the beauty of the internet is that you can look things up on it…still haven’t tried it though….:)


hi! i’m your reader for more than a year, but i got a question for this early page. i just started rereading your wonderful comix and wanna ask if the letters on the door saying ‘captain’ are really russian or no? and if yes – than why? i’m russian myself, so i’m kinda interested))


Hi Tania! You’re right, the letters on the door do indeed say капитан. Ashul’s society is very, very loosely based on early 20th century Russia and so it seemed appropriate to use Cyrillic script in places. I think this might be the only case of an actual word in Russian making it into the comic, though – mostly I’ve simply used Cyrillic script as an influence for any writing related to Ashul since I can read and write Cyrillic and it seemed appropriate. I don’t actually speak Russian, though – anything more complicated than капитан and I suspect I would mangle it. :)


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