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June 5, 2015

Eyes on the road, Galak!

I think “thok” is my favourite sound effect. It’s so multi-purpose. Anyway, yeah! Two updates in a row! How about that. The new tablet’s working out pretty great, I’m making much better time on both the sketching and inking now, which is something I’ve been trying to figure out for years, literally. Oh tablet, just marry me.

I should have said this weeks ago as well, but if anything on the site is looking weird(except the archive, I’ll update that this week) please leave a comment or email me or something. I’m still pretty sure everything’s fixed now, but you never know.

Is anyone else watching the French Open? Let’s be tennis buddies


Yay! Finally another regular update! :)
Hope nothing breaks down now; this comic has so much potential.
Keep up the good work.


He couldn’t see properly (without his ________) and “Thok!”
Well you certainly do know how to make a point.
Look at her go! Mr. Spear-man is a gonner!
Don’t they still have that shirtless tennis in Scotland?


Combat fail for Galak. For all that he carries a great big bloody sword he’s knocked flat by inattentiveness.

Though I am impressed by his ability to keep his eyes open in such a vicious sandstorm. Maybe that mane of hair helps?


Just finished reading through the archives. It’s been a while since I read the comic, but I’m glad to see it’s pushing on! Keep up the good work. Also, your art is still amazing. Just saying.


How in the WORLD do you manage to light things so amazingly and consistently between pages through so many changes in perspective? I cannot think of a single comic or graphic novel that I’ve read that utilizes lighting as such a major character in the storytelling, and I’ve found that it really makes a huge difference in every scene’s intensity, which means everything is that much more memorable. You either had phenomenal instructors at school, or you have an innate talent and well-developed skill to bring light so effectively into your work.

By the way, fighting in a sandstorm? Those guards(?) are either seriously dedicated to hunting down rebels, or they are incredibly foolish. Regardless of the circumstances, this is a tremendously awe-inspiring scene. Thank you!


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