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May 29, 2015

Good thing no one in this comic can hit anything with a crossbow.

Bloody hell, past-me sure picked a great moment in the script to develop back pain. I had forgotten that I stopped right before a stupid complicated fight scene. Screw you, past-me!

So it was a slightly bumpy reintroduction to comic drawing after six months off, but I think it came out well in the end, and I managed not to re-injure anything in the process, so that’s good. I think I had more announcements, but I’m going to go have a sit down instead. Until next Friday!


Woot, welcome back! Finally we get to see Galak try out that sword of his.

Oh, I and I see Rhea’s improved her knife skills since page 174.


Hey, I can hardly remember a single thing that is going on in this comic, but I STILL love the art. I’m going to go re-read and catch back up.

Glad that you are feeling better and that Red Moon is back! Thank-you for making this comic for us!


You at least remembered where the story was when you took your (sort of) vacation.
Still no extra goggles to go around. Did you ever think of just -wuff!- a box appearing on the street: “Eh? Wot’s this then? Ew! I say, it’s goggles for all!” (?)
Well, no matter. I’m sure it will be wonderful anyway.
Obviously your new drawing tablet works!!!


Sorry, am lost–who shot at the guy with the crossbow? Or does Rhea/Galak have an absolutely astounding throwing arm?

Also. ALSO. WELCOME BAAAAACK :D God how I’ve missed updates! I reread the comic a couple of times while you were healing up, and I loved it more with each read. Seriously, the effort you put into this comic is a real blessing to us readers. Glad you’re back and feeling better!


Astounding throwing arm on Rea with the knife she pulled is my best guess
And RMR is back \o.o/
I really like the lighting.


Yes, that’s it! Sorry if it wasn’t clear, I think I’m still a bit rusty. Rhea chucked a knife at the fellow. Thanks for the well wishes, guys. :)


Red Moon Rising is back! Hurrah!
Actually, this is worth more than just a hurrah. Excuse me while I organise the drumroll, the fanfare, and the angelic chorus to sound all at once.

… Well. That was cacophonous.

Anyway, some very dynamic action here. Loving it!


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