Page 48

June 4, 2009

With this post I’m finally getting to make good use of the scheduling feature for the first time in a couple of months, since I actually finished this page more than 15 hours in advance of the deadline. Hooray! Greetings from the past! Though there’s something a bit wrong with being able to hit my deadlines more efficiently when I’m updating far more frequently.

So hay what is the future like guys are there hovercars?


Too slow. More dailouge to advance story. So far we know there is magic and airships. No enemy no attachment to characters. Better off as pure art without this story that just makes you angry because it tells you nothing.


Egad another such philistine. Please Rose, don’t listen to the critics! Slow is good! Subtle and mysterious is good!

… seriously, the people who just show up to say, “this is crap”, annoy the hell out of me. No appreciation for quality storytelling.


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