Page 42

August 28, 2014

Guess who spent the entire time since his last appearance sitting on a roof.

I forgot how fun inking is! I’m really looking forward to drawing this whole chapter, honestly. Yeah! Comics!


Wowzers, this page is gorgeous!! Also glad to hear the enthusiasm is still going strong!


Thanks! I’ve been studying a bunch of other webcomics with the intention of upping my productivity and just generally improving RMR behind the scenes. I always find that kind of stuff makes me want to work harder!


DAMN his hair is long.


I think that might be mainly a product of me not drawing him in the comic in *checks* two and a half years? Holy crap. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Whaaat.


Wow, really?… Time flies. *moment of reflection* I wonder how Adrianna has changed then. We’ll find out soon, I guess!


I have drawn Adrianna much more recently since she was in the courtyard scene while Galak wasn’t, so I probably remember how to draw her more clearly. That said, it all does rather depend on what happened to her after the showdown with Danil, doesn’t it?


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