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April 13, 2009

That’s it! Last update of June! It’s nearly 7pm on the 30th here, which makes this my latest update evar, but I think I’m ok with that, all things considered. 22 pages done this month, I hope you all enjoyed the barrage of updates. :) The whole updating-every-week-day-for-a-month thing was interesting, and thoroughly exhausting, not to mention the stress of “o hay, your website’s gone” towards the end there. At any rate, I’m glad I did it, and proud that I managed to stick with it all the way through. Plus I essentially doubled my archive size in a month, that’s pretty cool.

Anyway, starting as of July 1st Red Moon Rising will be switching to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday update schedule. As far as this week goes, that means another page tomorrow, then I’m going to spend all of Thursday sleeping, I expect. Then another page on Friday. Still a nice brisk pace, I reckon.


Fwoooom! I wish I had this ability. I am a bit of a pyromaniac on the inside. But not enough to actually burn things.

Fun, subtle runes in the fire. :D I like how you were able to update for a straight month without any deterioration in consistency or quality.

Hey! Baconnaise in 3 pages.


Hur hur, fiiire. :D Remember kids, fire is cool.

I think the quality teetered a bit at certain points, but I’m pretty sure I’m my own worst critic most of the time, and I think the whole experience was worth any sort of wavering in the art quality. Plus I learned like a majillion time saving techniques, and made some major headway in the story. So worth it.

Maaaan this is so not a maintainable schedule, though. I think another week and my head would have exploded. And my hand would have fallen off.

Oh yeah! Cripes. I nearly forgot about Baconnaise. Brilliant. :D


FIRE!!! Seriously, can you teach me that trick? :P I love fire. I used to burn a lot of things, til the scoutmaster yelled at us. LOL! ANyway, I particularly like the 4th panel, where she’s shown with the full flame. Very nice.


Heh, love the kid in the last panel. Our little pyromaniac :3

Good that you’re moving over to a more manageable update schedule though. Updating every single day was pretty cool and I’m glad you tried it out, but I guess it is better on M/W/F. More stable at any rate :) Heh enjoy your well-earned rest. Not to mention well-earned BACONNAISE


Why the fook did I put my name in there instead of Calaros >.< God damnit it's too early in the morning!!


Yeah, the daily updates were a good way to quickly move the story along, as well as an interesting way to challenge myself. Kind of like an art marathon. :D It’ll be nice to slow down a bit, though, there’s a lot of things around the site I want to work on and I’d like to do some art related to the comic that isn’t just more pages. Also I’m hoping to pay a bit more attention to the pages themselves now that I’ll have more time to mull over them.

Aw yeah, Baconnaise! It’s not long now!


this seems as good a place as any to leave a few comments.
I think your choice of art style, for this comic, works really quite well, and I wish more web-comics took a similar approach. Story-wise, I’m looking forward to seeing the plot develops.


Thank you. :) The art style I settled on for Red Moon Rising was actually very carefully considered, and for a while I was a bit obsessed with finding the “perfect” style for drawing a comic – something with a good balance of speed, elegance and visual impact. I think this style is working out pretty well for me and this project so far, I’m glad you like it.


*points wildly* ANSWERS! ANSWERS! YAAAAAYY! :D

This is definitely getting switched up into my main webcomic list now. ;D


Haha, hooray! :D Answers about the glowy tattoo/markings, I’m guessing? All mages have them to some degree, and there are a lot of mages kicking around in RMR.


Sooooo many comments now. Feeling intimidated. *Puts brave face on*

Darn it I don’t have anything to write. Except I worked out why I still think of you as a Rosemary. It’s because I’m not really a fan of people shortening my name. Darn it, it’s only two syllables. I will endeavour to remember Rose though. Roseroseroseroseroserose.


Just started reading your comic this afternoon and can’t stop. It is stunning to look at. But by far the most comment-worthy in my mind is the instant establishement of a beautiful mother-son relationship within a few panels and almost no dialogue.
Maybe its just because I’m a mom with a young son…its tugging all the right heart-strings.


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