Page 36

June 6, 2014

Right, sorry about the late update! I’m going to go sleep for a while now


Fabulous art in this one (Great harsh shadows on her especially) and such a poignant moment! (Samara is just so darn cool!)


If the crystal was on his body, then it would normally have been at least copied if not taken obviously.


Let’s have a moment of silence for our favorite officer who recently kicked the bucket. We’ll miss you, Danil. ;_;


But wait. You want me to drive my newly repaired ship into the middle of . . . to retrieve the body of a . . . who nearly started a war? So bring the casket to the dock. Preferably without attracting attention. Then we leave, eh? With all due haste?

I am so glad to see these pages. Breathe deeply and slowly and keep sharing the stunning artwork and sharp dialog.


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