Page 32

April 25, 2014


A bit late this week, but better late than never I guess! There was just a lot of bitty drawing involved in this page with the five panel sequence in the middle, plus I think it might have been quicker to just take a picture of my own stupid desk instead of drawing all the guff and bunkum that was in every panel here, but oh well. I do rather enjoy drawing all this stuff.


Oooh I have a love/hate relationship with the lighting in this page! I love that it makes me feel uncomfortable, which probably sounds a little odd, but it’s as if I’m squinting in the bad light in her office, and then partially blinded by the lamp in that last panel. In fact, the more I look at that angle-poise lamp the more I love it…


Incredible. Simply incredible.

Your work is truly a pleasure to behold each and every page. I love the ‘lived in’ level of detail in Samara’s office, because it really adds life and character to both her and the ship.

Well done!


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