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April 18, 2013

Well, who could that be.

Nearly forgot to queue up this page, posting on Thursday is weird.


Sooo. Arianne grew a beard?

Danil? No big amounts of scar-tissue in the face…
Lethe is dead, and the neck looks kinda okay.

Is that really Saimar?
A shimmer of hope in RMR?
*slow clap* but judging by how hope is treated in RMR a big stone is going to fall on his head any minute now.

Glad to have you back Rose. I am enjoying the artwork immensely.


I’m betting he recovers enough to have a heart attack when he learns his wife was murdered.

Your website doesn’t say you update on Thursdays now either. =)


…aaaand RMR slowly starts to climb up the TWC ranking. Maybe a new voten incentive could help to boost this? :)


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