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March 12, 2014

The envoy finally introduces himself, only to get the cold shoulder.

Sorry about further page delays, I feel like I’m juggling a million small projects at the moment. Fingers crossed I can actually finish some of them soon, since a bunch of it’s RMR related stuff which I’m looking forward to sharing.


The envoy seems to be used that people talk with him after he introduced himself.
But she leaves him standing there, hand outstretched…
Plus points for the captain in my book, I somehow find that envoy unsymphathetic.

More RMR projects? *crosses fingers*


Gaaah this is too adorable :’D I love how the Envoy’s clothes look slightly too large for him too aaaahhh


Okay, so after some time of lurking… I adore wour work! It definitely ranges among my top 5 web comics and I find myself frequently wondering if it isn’t even the best. There are so many things I love about it. The worldbuilding. The style. The story. The presentation. The characters. Oh yes, definitely the characters.
I LOVE how you introduce places (with a map, a symbol and a quote). The style and the theme of the story are really harmonious, apart from the fact, that they are awesome by themselves already ;) And the characters… They ALL have a certain feel about them, differentiating them from one another. I dare say you manage to pull of stereotypes in such a way that nobody even notices that they ARE stereotypes. Also, I am really envious of your female characters… wish I could write females this effortlessly. Seriously, why is it so damn hard for me to write them as lead characters, being one myself and all.
Have I mentioned that I worship your work? It’s inspiering! Keep going and I will melt into an adoring puddle at your feet…



The Commander is making a mighty effort not to laugh while the Envoy is still within earshot, isn’t he? :)


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