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February 6, 2012

Damn magic information crystals, always ruining the moment.

I just realised that the three year anniversary of the start of Red Moon Rising passed quietly by last week without me noticing at all, so I’d like to belatedly throw some confetti and streamers around before getting back to work. *party popper*

I’m going to be messing around with the order of the pages throughout the week, so if anything seems weird or out of place or the page numbers are wonky, just bear with me. I’ve been meaning to shuffle around a couple of scenes near the start for ages now, plus I’ll be adding in some chapter pages and other content to the archive so that should be cool! It’ll also inflate the page numbers, so don’t be alarmed if this shifts from page 254 to page 260-something. Hopefully this’ll be worth the hassle it’ll be causing any new readers coming in.

Speaking of which, hey to the new readers! There seems to have been a lot of you recently and I can’t seem to figure out where you’re coming from, but hey regardless!


Well, happy B-Day in that case! I sure hope your Art will lighten up my working routine (come to work, check for updats, start actual work) for many many more years!

Also, that glowing thing is sure as hell to give Lethe radiation poisoning.


I’ve been popping in and out from Catalyst [she linked to you a few weeks or months or something ago]; dunno about the rest of them. Still not accustomed to coming here on instinct just yet, so the visit normally gets triggered by checking in there and remembering “OH YEAH, new comic!” [well, new to me, at any rate].


I love the atmosphere of this page! So the data crystal is activated by any type of magic? Or does that only happen when the moon is out in full?


Did the proximity of the magic crystal just make her mage sigil manifest?
Mysteriouser and mysteriouser!
I bet Ashur has distilled the essence of magery!

Or maybe it’s a recipe for brownie cookies!

Happy anniversary! Brownie cookies for everybody. Chocolate chip brownie cookies, of course. Big ones!


Obviously the havoc being wrecked over this high-security crystal is because of a brownie recipe. Of course. I mean, who wouldn’t go through this for ginormous chocolate chip brownies?? 8D


I lost my bookmark for this comic a while ago and only just remembered. binged the entire archive again. It’s cool to see that the siblings have finally been reunited. Keep up the great work!


The new user analytics don’t point back to Red Moon Rising being in the top 100 at topwebcomics for the first week or so of February? That’s quite curious.


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