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February 17, 2011

You may recall Adrianna’s excellent poker face from prior instances in the comic. Sorry about the lateness, the page had to sit uncoloured for nearly a day while I dealt with grown up things like resigning my lease, filling in forms, and also occasionally eating. Being an adult sucks.


So much for evasion and infiltration. Tough luck for the resistance.


So… where are they, anyway?
They went pretty far down that tunnel/cave/sewer way, but are they even out of the city?
After all, we didn’t see them make camp anywhere, so it could’ve just been a couple of hours worth of hiking, which underground could mean five to ten kms…
The captain and her officer are not wearing their armbands, but that could mean they’re just trying to avoid the fate of robohand… *sniff*… sorry *sniff*, I promised myself I wouldn’t do this! I just miss him SO much! *WAaaaaaa*


More and more I become convinced that location labelling is the way to go! The point of them heading through the caves was to cross the border from Rishara Caan to Imara – hence, they’re in Imara right now, which is why the captain and co. aren’t in uniform, since they’re technically in enemy territory.


Captain and Co. sneaking around in enemy territory and up to no good I presume? Whatever will happen next? Tune in next week for another exciting episode of [sound effects] RED MOON RISIIINNNGGG!!!!!![/sound effects]


*facepalm* Oh, that clears things up. I thought that because the, er, interruption, they had to get out of the tunnel faster than planned and were still in the same country.

P.S. Adrianna´s nose scar looks adorable.


That’s fair enough, I can see why you would think that. I think I do need to start tagging locations because as much as I’d prefer not to, it’s clearly becoming a clarity issue.

As for the nose scar, she still has a few nicks and cuts from that whole exploding window incident, which only happened about a day or so ago in comic time. I haven’t decided whether they’ll scar over or not, but… nose scars are super cool, so we’ll see.


I did wonder why it wasn’t raining… ;)
I guess that’s an ambient location tag, right there!
Location tagging with text… I can see why you might want to avoid it, not to break the immersion, or lead to the wrong cognitive levels.
Of course location tagging does give that “adventure movie” feel (Indiana Jones comes to mind), so if that’s not entirely undesireable, I’d say “Own it!”
Maybe if the text is semitransparent, and styled to the feel of the location, an angular bauhaus-like font for Ashul, a flowing one for Imara and something in between for Seras Daya? If it’s low key, people can overlook it if they want to, and if it has a stylistic key to it, one can see it as a part of the unique identifiable atmosphere of the place… it’s Ashulness or it’s Imaraness, f.ex.


There could always be signs around town…. Signs that would actually belong there though. “Imara General Store” over the front door of a building or something simple like that. It wouldn’t look like a generalized location label like in a Marvel comic (“Meanwhile on the other side of town…” “Somewhere deep in space…” “Inside the Baxter Building…” w/e) it would be subtle and look naturally placed.

Just a suggestion….

BTW: look at the text bubbles for the first frame… Transport them to the second frame ;) :D
Cap’n : What? What is it?
Mate: That’s the crazy bitch who blew your ship up! (they don’t know adrianna didn’t do it)
Mate: That’s the crazy bitch
Mate: who blew
Mate: your ship u[Cap'n:]Get them!!! Go go go go!!!


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