Page 22

February 26, 2009

Monday’s page took about ten hours, this one took less than three. Go figure. At least I’m roughly sticking to a six hour average, which is my goal.

Also, someone is about to get shivved. Maybe.

Edit: I redid the final panel rather majorly when I realised that what was supposed to be a sword blade looked way more like a fallen beam or something along those lines. Obviously that changes the tone of the page rather substantially… hopefully it’s more obvious now. The old version is here.


Yep, the rippling near the hilt did the trick. I only thought it was a piece of wood for half a second, ’til I looked at the bottom.

I keep commenting because there are so few comments. I’m glad you’re getting the votes to be in the top 100, but I feel the need to speak in this early silence.


There’s a reason for the lack of comments in the early pages – my original site was hacked about a month ago and I lost my entire database, which included my posts and all the comments on the pages, which was rather disheartening. I managed to retrieve most of the posts through google cache, and obviously I have backups of all the pages themselves, but the comments are pretty much gone forever. The early pages did have a decent amount, so it’s not as if no one cared when they were posted. Looking through it now, it does look a bit like I was talking to myself, haha. :)

I do appreciate you trying to fill the void, though. And I do like getting comments! Thank you!


Shank. The verb is to shank. Shiv is simply the tool you use to shank.

Sorry, I just felt the need to post, and I’ve been wanting to use that line for a while. You have a wonderful art style. Keep it up!


Ok, forget what I said last page.

I would tell her to run, but the way this is looking, she would trip over the magic-invisible-disappearing-tripping-hazard and lay on the ground until our stabby friend reached her.


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