Page 212

December 14, 2010

This page. This sceeeene. Webcomics are difficult. khaaaaann I made a last minute change to the script which ended up in this scene being replaced and then rewritten three times, which burned through most of my weekend. I’m realising webcomics are great because you can be flexible in this way if you decide to change something for the better, but it did in this instance delay the page horrifically. Sorry. D:

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to say but hey, look, Clockworks came off hiatus a little bit ago and it’s awesome. I mean look at that. It’s a troll wearing giant robot armour. Look at that.


Yay! New page finally!

And thanks for the pimpage. I think it’s funny how these two pages show how different our two comics are, even though they’re both steampunk/fantasy webcomics. I really doubt Adrianna will ever bust out a giant robot suit, and I don’t know that I have it in me to do a page this atmospheric and low key.

Yay and stuff!


No worries! I have to admit I’m genuinely impressed you came back (and strong) from your hiatus, since I can’t remember the last time “indefinite hiatus” wasn’t secret webcomic code for “I’m going away forever now”. Super happy to be wrong in this instance, though.

In some ways Adrianna in a giant robot suit would be amazing, but I have a feeling it might kill the mood a little. Maybe next chapter.


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