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February 19, 2009

Dun dun dun! A slightly ajar door! It’s a thrill a minute here at Red Moon Rising.

For some reason I ended up fully painting the first and last panels. Normally I ink/cel shade the characters and paint the backgrounds, but that got a bit muddled here. I think I intended to do silhouettes for those panels, but then realised that was super lame and lazy and couldn’t be bothered going back to ink them once I had started painting the backgrounds, even though that prooobably would have taken less time overall. Because I am stupid, I guess.

The new vote incentive is a painting of the grumpy protagonist that I finished a while ago and then completely god damn forgot to post up anywhere.


At this point, I have almost no idea what is going on, and I probably wouldn’t still be reading if it wasn’t for the amazing art. it seems like it will be interesting, but you might want to work on your pacing.


Mate, with a good story, you gotta work your way in. There’s no value in understanding everything at once. Just. Be. Patient.

… look, I know that sounds condescending, but Red Moon Rising is a sublime work of art and prose. Ya gotta appreciate it in all its glory.


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