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February 16, 2009

Oh great, now there’s no rain overlay to hide my crummy backgrounds get in the way. Also, a colour that isn’t blue or orange! It’s slightly green-blue. Magical. Plus a “new” vote incentive, a slightly more painted version of the jedi picture from before.

Edit: Ok, the vote incentive is actually updated now. It seems TWC and I have a difference of opinions on when the 16th of February starts.


Hi! I can’t find words good enough to describe how awesome your work is. My good friend told me about this story and I was just blown away from what I saw. This is piece of art- I love every single picture, because of this subtle touch of nostalgy. I keep my fingers crossed for your exquisit talent!


I agree the art work is awesome and reminds me alot of Phoenix Requiem and EarthSong. Granted only 1 of those are listed in your links but still great work.

The art work alone is enough to keep me reading. Although I only just started.


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