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September 10, 2013

So generous! So reasonable!

Not much news this week, except that I’m enjoying the hell out of colouring these pages. It took a bit to figure out, but I’m loving this colour scheme. Makes me wish I had a massive garden to hang out in.

Edit: Almost forgot, I posted the photoshop file for the previous page on my tumblr a few days ago. If you’re interested in how RMR pages come together it’s worth a look.

The Zombie Hunters Kickstarter is still going! They’re nearly at their goal, so if you want what is definitely going to be an incredibly high quality book, chip in soon.


Saiamar is easily my fave character, I’m glad you didn’t kill him off. Loving everything about this comic, especially your unique style of colouring.


Triarch is missing a part of his thumb? Yakuza-style?


Er, well that wasn’t intentional. I think maybe his right thumb is just too long in comparison. I’ll add it to my ever-growing, ridiculously long list of fixes.


No need to. It´s consistent. :))
I just flipped through the pages, and on p12 his left thumb also looks a bit shorter. So while there it looked like hidden by the birds´ pecker, here it is revealed that he´s a Yakuza.
So, where´s he hiding his Wakizashi? :)


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