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July 26, 2010

Ah hur hur hur.

Um, uhhh. I got nothing for this update.

Oh, yeah! Still on formspring, being asked lots of stuff. Apparently there were enough questions about why there are no scantily clad chicks in RMR to prompt Patience Stewart to send in today’s new vote incentive. Thanks Patience! I am rubbish at scrounging up vote incentives by myself.


Yes, a wonderfull faceburning session…
…wait, Mother? are they related or what o.O *is confused*
Wouldn’t it be easier to explain that she is the sister of Lethe?
I mean if he has informations for them, it would be a bit bad to impale his sister >.<


…I was to tired to comment how awesome the page was?
Rheas smirk is just awesome, and so are Galaks and Adrianna’s


This….this is my favourite page of this webcomic. Ever.

“Friends”. Mhm. Riiiiiight.

[bursts into hysterical laughter]


As a person who appreciates clothes i’m really glad they’re aren’t any scantily clad women here.


Aww, come on, scantily clad chicks (or guys, for the other side) are great! In context. But just so everyone knows, some *guys* – myself included – actually find unrealistic female nudity demeaning. It’s like artists think we have a one-track mind or something and that’s the best way to secure our attention. So I’m with all of you all the way in supportign the clothed-ness of the RMR cast.



Methinks Galak should probably have warned Adrianna that his friends were liable to kill her on site. Her excessive aggression towards him seems a little more justified now.


Awwwwk-waaaaarrrrrrrd! :/ [awkward turtle]

I am very excited to see the reaction (if there is one past that, which I really really really hope there is).

Rhea’s and Galak’s expressions are great.


Ensign: Cap! Awkward levels just hit ten on the metre!
Captian: Shit!… How bad is that?
Ensign: I’ll put it this way, the metre only goes to four.


They don’t look very alike, but perhaps the three of them (Galak, Bracken and Rhea) are related somehow, the way Rhea phrases it.
Awesome final gallery of faces,


It looks like Bracken and Rhea could be brother and sister, but Galak’s got different features (square jaw, taller, etc). But they could be half-siblings…


Haha, I still have the vote incentive from this page kickingnaround on an old computer, I found it just the other day. “You want me to what, with the where, now?”


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