Page 17

February 9, 2009

We will pretend that this page was not a hair raising example of the tablet driver on my laptop deciding not to work properly all weekend – thus necessitating much scrambling about and drawing at the last moment – and instead we will just enjoy it. Ahhhh. She is so grumpy. Cheer up, emocow.

Also, ooh, speech bubbles.


Is “emocow” another Britism? I know the insult “cow” is an insult that still drops me to the floor with laughter when said by one woman to another.


I have no idea, to be honest. I couldn’t tell you where I picked it up, or whether it was just some weird portmanteau my mind concocted. As a word I quite like it, though. :)


You know, I just realised that “Lethe” runs together with “lethargy” from the previous page quite well there. Ominous!


Is this “Lethe” forgetful?

In Greek mythology, the river Lethe would wipe the memory of anyone who touched its waters. (God, I sounded like a nerd there.)

HI!!!!! *waves spastically* New reader here!!!! *points to self* Looks very cool so far! Especially with the death-rain. *foreboding music here*


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