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September 3, 2013

That bird is outta here.

Sorry for the delay on Ezius’ witty rejoinder, it may not come as much of a surprise but hey, I got ill again. Some sort of stomach bug that I actually thought was panic attacks for a while, it was seriously doing my head in.

In brighter news, I made a new photoshop brush that’s all over this page and is probably my favourite thing ever. It’s like a textured roller sort of thing, I wish I could marry it. Also, I’m pretty pleased with panel 2. Up the nose shots are pretty hard to draw, but I think that one turned out pretty well. And it turns out spears are brilliant fun to colour. Who knew?

My friends Jenny and Greg over at The Zombie Hunters are still doing their Kickstarter! They’ve nearly reached their goal, so if you’re at all inclined do check it out.


I just love how consistent you are with your colours and lighting. This page rocks,I”ll be studying it for the rest of the week wooow.

You do know how to keep the eye and mind engaged, we really need some more tutorials on what you’ve discovered..pretty please with a glowing spear on top


Hey, thanks! I love working with lighting and colour, this scene has been lots of fun to wrap my head around.

If you (or anyone else) would be interested, I can upload the full size photoshop file so you can dig through the layers if you’d like, always happy to share tips. Hopefully I can make time for another tutorial at some point, but that might be helpful in the meantime?


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