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June 21, 2010

Normally I aim to get these pages up at midnight (Brit-wise, anyway), but recently it’s been a lot more like 8pm, which kind of sucks. I’m visiting my parents at the moment, and my laptop is practically drooping under the weight of Photoshop. Pinky swear I am going as fast as I can right now.

Anyway, I keep forgetting to mention that Alex Heberling (of Garanos fame, some of you might recall) has a new webcomic! It’s called Alex’s Guide to a Life Well-Lived and is already a fun read, well worth a look.


i like how the thought cards change colour to reflect the light. its fancy.


The boxes and speech bubbles always change colour to reflect the lighting in the scene, though I expect since they’re going on mid-scene-change here it’s a lot more obvious. :)


She. Is.. Tempting. Fate.
Never say “How could it be worse?”. It is the only fool-proof method of making it worse.

Well, I like how the colour fades to blue from orange, nicely done :D

And rainy cityscapes are marvelous, as always :D


Just stumbled on this comic through another site (think it was one of Sarah Ellerton’s) and thought I’d check it out. I’m VERY glad I did. I love this story so far! The artwork is fantastic, and the characters complex and engaging. Definitely jumping on the bandwagon.


i spent the greater part of last year running photoshop on an absolutely prehistoric computer. the processor was hamster-powered, and it wasn’t even that fast of a hamster. i’m not sure about your process, but i use a momma-jamma amount of layers, and to avoid massive file sizes (and hamster exhaustion), i would often do one cell at a time. after i finished the base work of a cell, i’d flatten it and drop it back into the main, flattened image. then you can do all of your post-production work together so there’s some cohesion. it’s a bit more complicated, but ps responds much faster, and it’s far more rodent friendly.


Unfortunately I don’t think this would help, as my main problem stems from having to have two pages open simultaneously, as I use colours and layer settings from the previous page in order to maintain continuity with the art within a scene. Also, I work in a systematic fashion on the page, doing all the sketching and inking in Manga Studio, then on to PS for all the flat colours, all of the backgrounds, all of the shading, all of the environment effects etc. etc. so I don’t think working on a single panel at a time would really work well for me.

Cheers anyway, though! It seems to be running a bit better today. Or I’m just getting more patient.


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