Page 152

April 8, 2010

Phew. The colour scheme for this page didn’t come together until right at the end when I finally remembered some basic colour theory and bumped the purples in the shadows up. Baaaam. The lighting’s a bit crazy on this page, but it kind of always is in this thing, so what the hey. Magical rainy sunset timessss. Also, I swear every time I draw the ship it looks worse and worse and worse… fortunately, that won’t be a problem for much longer!

My spam filter’s been rather over-zealous recently, it’s been catching out a few perfectly legitimative comments for some reason. If your comment doesn’t show up immediately, don’t worry about it – I always scour through the spam messages just in case.


The first time I looked at it, I thought the background was way to bright. But after going through it a second time it seems to get a little better. Maybe I need my sight checked again. x.x


I dunno, it reads fairly well on both of my monitors (LCD/CRT) so I’m kiiind of inclined to say it’s just your monitor that’s a bit out of whack unless other people have a problem with it too.


Not a problem for much longer?? She ESCAPES??

The pilot’s face looks really great on this page. You manage to make her look aged/weathered in such an elegant way. No, elegant’s not the right word, it’s grittier than that. But awesome.


Beautiful lighting! Glad you remembered basic color theory, that class has to be good for something.

Totally didn’t realize that was even the ship till you mentioned it. Haha. :(


Ahhh, rats. I guess this is one of those pages I’m just going to have to go back and fix up a bit, in that case. Or I guess I could just write “I AM A SHIP” on the side of the ship.


Well, if you were going for that uncanny sunlight-during-rain thing, you’ve nailed it. And if not, you nailed it, anway. ;)

Got to say, I assumed “ship” because I didn’t think the Captain would want to stray too far from it if she didn’t have to…


Precisely; it’s all about context. You have to remember the environments appropriate for the characters based upon the flow of the story.

That’s what being an attentive reader is all about, Charlie Brown. :)


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