Page 138

February 15, 2010

Phew, really pushing it time-wise with this one. Had other obligations for today, so if this had taken half an hour longer I would have just had to drop it and finish it off tomorrow, which would have been completely made of fail. But that didn’t happen, so hooray. I think the establishing shots suffered a bit from the rush, but I’m sure the putrid shades of green totally make up for that. Will reply to comment backlog when I get back, sorry. D:


The lulzy thing is that the putrid green really DID make up for any perceived errors! As soon as the page loaded I couldn’t help myself, “Woah!” came out, out loud. XD

Oh man, everybody’s just getting angrier and angrier. >_> While I suppose that the crap has already hit the fan it’s like that was just the first wave.

Keep it up, you’re doing really good!


Clearly I should make the comic putrid colours more often. The next page will just be a big block of incandescent lime green.

Everyone’s always angry here, it’s pretty much par for the course. They are such grumps. Thanks! :D


I just found this webcomic and I LOVE how it’s going! Your art never drops in quality and the story is engaging, the characters all uniquely loveable. I also very much enjoy your use of facial and body language, and the lack of sound effects (some sounds are best invented in one’s head with the aid of visuals, methinks <3)

Please keep it up! 8D


Thanks! Great to hear you’re enjoying it, and I fully intend to keep it up. :) Sound effects are sort of tricky… but I do prefer to stay quite minimal with them, often they can end up a bit ridiculous and/or redundant, especially with the emphasis I try to put on the visuals in RMR. Anyway, glad to have you as a reader!


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