Page 126

December 17, 2009

And that wraps up chapter 6! This is actually the first time Galak’s first name has made it into the comic, I’m not very good at name dropping.

Anyway, Red Moon Rising’s going to be taking a two week break over Christmas starting from now, but that doesn’t mean a lack of content – in place of pages I’ll be updating regularly (Mondays and Thursdays, as per usual) with artwork from another project I’m working on. I’ll be taking this stuff down once the break is over, so get it while it’s hot. Chapter 7 starts on January 4th! And thanks to everyone who thought I deserved a break. :)

Elsewhere, I did a page of colouring for Hard Graft over here. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and hopefully you’ll see it as a good excuse to give Hard Graft a read if you haven’t already.

Also, I made a small appearance on the TGT Webcomics podcast a little while ago, tagging along during an interview with Jenny Romanchuk of The Zombie Hunters. Good fun, and an interesting listen if you’re into TZH or just webcomics in general.


Woo, been putting off commenting for a while. *lazy* I didn’t like the style of lineart on your first pencil-lineart page, but I absolutely adore the pages afterwards, so yes… this style is quite nice, especially considering how good it is for you effort-wise. XD It’s rough yet solid coloring. It’s beautiful, in short.

I think I realized what gets me about some of the scenes in this comic so far (re: pacing and all that good stuff). Pretty much only one interaction happens per scene, and then it switches to something else. I think that gives it more of a vignette-like feel, which could possibly put people off, but not anyone in their right minds because this comic is nice.

lol, but yeah. There seem not to be more than one set of characters in a particular place who a central character switches between, and there’s also not much connecting characters in different places yet. Of course I expect some of that to change eventually, and it may just be because of how soon into the story we still are. I trust you to handle all that as it develops. *_*


I think the pencilling was something I just needed to settle into. The first page was quite rigid in a way, but I’m liking the newer pages much more as well. :)

As for the scenes, you’re right that it’s mainly due to characters being a bit geographically separated right now, but you may have noticed that a lot of the main characters are slowly converging on a single place. Things should pick up on that front very soon. :) The vignette feel in the scenes is a bit of a necessity at this point, but I’m not sure it’s necessarily a bad thing.


Adrianna’s face is absolutely stunning in panel three! The color-scheme and lighting in this segment have really been spot-on.

Enjoy your Christmas! I’ll miss the comic, but you definitely deserve some down time from the stress of updating all the time.


Awesome page, as usual.
The backgrounds are absolutely stunning, the last panel is just plain…WOW
And is she getting soft? I mean she apologized! Isn’t she still pissed that they drew her back or something?


Yeah, I liked that last aerial shot a lot too.

Concerning moods: You know, it is much more difficult to be pissed at comrades than it is to be pissed at the army/system/state… in general.


Well, at least for me it is easier to be angry at individuals than on groups of people.
Well… I am also certain that I am not someone you should use to measure such things-I am pretty antisocial.


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