Page 123

March 7, 2017



The fire is beautiful.
Ezio is pissed.

Also, unsurprising for a triarch, his runes are plentiful enough to disappear into his beard.
They roughly spell ‘kicks unbelievable amounts of arse with maigc’, if my imaran mage runes aren’t too rusty.

I really love the colours and how the panel borders get destroyed by the heat.


Aw no! Galak!!! D:

But this page is so beautiful, it’s almost worth the thought of Galak being burnt to a crisp. Almost.


Ezius, noooo! Think of all the plants in there!


I have a feeling that Ezius’s about to burn the garden just to show Galak how silly are his motives – kinda “here, if this garden is the reason why you try to destroy my country then I shall burn it”. After all, gardens can be renewed easier than a country.


Aww, poor Galak – I hope for a miracle and his survival, he’s my favorite character…

Anyway, small question – is there going to be a different cast for this volume, like the “cast page” suggests by unfolding into two options?


Yes! I’m afraid I’ve been dragging my feet on making a new cast page for this arc for quite some time, it’s just never hit the top of my massive to-do list. I’ll try and get it posted soon. The main cast has switched around a bit since the first arc – some for obvious reasons, some less so (I’m going to generally try and avoid spoilers here) – so this arc’s main players are Galak, Saiamar, Ezius, and Samara.


Thanks for claryfing! And yet, that is surprizing- I imagined there would only by new characters listed. Are there going to be new summaries of them, too? Avoiding spoilers there would be difficult indeed.
I can count on you not to make those little crosses next to now-dead-character’s name though – I think most people find those very spoilerish.
I imagine messing around with the cast page would be fun for the Fool’s Day – just an idea ;) Take care Rose! Your hard work is much appreciated.


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