Page 121

February 20, 2017

When you’ve got a thousand fancy gardens, that’s when you know you’ve made it.


There should be a lie-down coach, and a big “Psychoteraphy” hanging from the garden-gate. Galak needs to went. A lot. (By the looks of it.)


Hmm, I seem to have lost track of Galak’s argument here… is he criticising the destruction of Seras Daya, or is he criticising that Imara didn’t start the murder and mayhem until it became an Imaran national interest? Or are these two things compatible to him?


I’m getting the impression that it’s a little of both. He’s saying that Imara didn’t stand up to help Seras Daya, which the “Tri”arch acknowledges; Imara only stood up to defend its borders from Ashul. Because of that, Imara didn’t really care what happened to Seras Daya, and given that “there was no city left” after the fighting, Imara probably went to a lot of effort to keep the war off of Imaran soil, meaning Seras Daya saw all the damage.


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