Page 119

February 7, 2017

That damned thing – not a reference to the shovel this time.


The sniping continues…
I’m interested to find out the point Galak is making…
Ezius’ is clear enough, the Lethe’s actions on behalf of the rebels have so far caused a catastrophe for Imara, both diplomatically and among its ruling elite.


Galak may be doing something an attorney I know (and really dislike) does – which is to raise people’s adrenaline to get them to get to the point, and then help them relax so that they babble. It’s abusive and manipulative, but it works.


I honestly never expected the to be a battle of wits between these two, but this whole scene has been incredibly engrossing. Personally, I think that Ezius severely underestimates Galak’s intelligence and resolve, but it appears that anything and everything is up grabs right now!

Your art may have been what first attracted me to your story, Rose, but you never slouch on the writing either, and that makes for a most addicting tale. Thank you for sharing it! :)


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