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January 23, 2017


I have to admit, considering I drank about eight cups of tea today, it was quite difficult to portray this senseless act of violence. RIP teacup.


Yeah, you haven’t made a dent in Galak’s resolve, Ezius. Try again, please.

Better yet, offer him another cup of tea! What could possible go wrong? :D


But… Galak didn’t kill who he’s being accused of killing. Sadly, that probably doesn’t matter now.

Heck, it probably doesn’t matter who he killed anymore, as the damage has been done already.

Also: That poor Tea! What did it do to deserve that?!


Trigger warning! This comic contains senseless brutality against innocent teacups! Read it at your own risk!

Also, Galak show(el)ed him who’s the big boy here.


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