Page 113

October 30, 2009

Man, this was some seriously time consuming lineart. I’ve been making a very conscious effort to try and pick up the pacing and increase the panel count on the pages in this chapter, but for a page like this with lots of little figures it really does end up taking a long time to draw. Interestingly, the colouring time remains the same – about 8 hours for the lineart here, but only 2 for the colouring? Anyway, sorry for the delayed update, but I think it came out well.

Edit: Dicking around with ad layouts! Bear with me.


Mr. Eyebrowraise (I will only refer to him by that name and no other) looks bad-ass coming out of the shades.
And I am pretty sure the incident is Mr.Ironhands walk to th other side <.<


Yeah the red tones of this page is epic and Adrianna looks epic in her outfit. the red REALLY makes her hair firey. She looks wicked awesome!


Her relaxed face reminds me of my wife’s face when she looks at my computer desk. No worries of the update delay. Art cannot be rushed


Love the page and she has an epic relaxed face.0.o …she’s could’ve used a better finger to point it out though :P (j/k j/k) And Danil IS badass! …with all his sudden-stepping-out-of-shadows-and-raise-an-eyebrow maneuvers


Adrianna: I am relaxed [frowning] This is my relaxed face. xD haha I love it.
I really like the paneling on this page, particularly the last three panels.


Well, that lasted all of 10 seconds. I’m impressed. I didn’t expect her to stay for nearly that long.


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