Page 111

October 26, 2009

Only one more page till the big one-oh-oh*, exciting! Just to be clear, this isn’t a permanent art style change, just a temporary stylistic shift for story purposes. Plus I like painting. Man, do I like painting. Also, a hearty welcome to the frighteningly large amount of readers I’m getting from The Meek right now!

Edit: Just remembered, today is Red Moon Rising’s nine month anniversary – *single party popper*

*Note from the future: This was originally page 99.


An hour ago or something the page was unaccessible due to massive request overload. Maybe some braindead kiddie-hax0rs tried to cause trouble with papas work-rig, but I sure hope it was due to massive popularity increase and tons of fans trying to look for a new page or something ^^


Ahh, is this some kind of magical brain-reading or something? I love the style change, and the way that you’re on PAGE 99 ALREADY.

You simply rock! 8D *high five*

I’m really loving the chapter title for this guy, too. The flagstones are just lovely. Keep it up! Let us know you’re alive on LJ sometime too, huh? :P


That’s almost exactly what it is! Whoo. :) *high five!* Yeah, the pages seem to have really been stacking up recently, I think I’m getting into a good rhythm now. Thanks! And yeah, my poor neglected LJ account… I’ll revive it sooner or later, pinky swear.


I was feeling really stupid for having missed the link from the Meek, but then realised that I haven’t read it for about a month, so that might explain it? Almost up to date….


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