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October 21, 2016

Well, he’s got a mind to do something.

That’s the end of the chapter, and I have a big announcement to go along with it!

I’ve started a Patreon! I think I may be the last webcomic on the internet to actually set one up, but here it is!

For those who don’t know, Patreon is a way of supporting creators of continuous projects (like, say, longform weekly webcomics). Pledge a few bucks a month to support me and the comic, and in return you’ll get wee rewards that are detailed on the Patreon page, including wallpapers and drawings and things.

Also, as I touch on in the Patreon description, I would loooove to spend more time on Red Moon Rising, but at the moment I make my living as a freelance artist and a lot of my time is committed towards that, on account of it paying money, which I then exchange for food (an important catalyst in the webcomic making process).

Anything that comes out of this campaign will go a long way towards stabilising my income and would let me make room in my schedule to produce more content for you guys, which is basically all I want to do for as long as I can. I don’t know about you, but I am really into this whole webcomic thing.

Anyway, thanks as always for reading, and for your support! I’ll be back next week with a cover for the new chapter.


AHA! I just KNEW the visitors from Ashul were going to get mixed up in this whole escapade sooner or later. :D

Even though I’m going to sound like a broken record, I just have to say it again, I love the lighting in this scene; it makes me want to live in that place of constant luvliness. :)

Now…Red Moon Patreon, ahoy! I’ll be signing up as soon as I can get my internet restored at home and do the necessary fiddledy-bits to add you. It’ll be money well spent! ;)


Thank you! I really appreciate it. :)


/start dorky reference

“Engage Patreon, Number One!”

“Patreon engaged, Captain.”

Like the ubiquitous tachyon particles from Star Trek, individual Patreon pledges might not seem significant individually, but collectively they can accomplish things. Here’s hoping that my minor 5 tachyon particle contribution helps make that happen. ;)

/end dorky reference


Patreon for RMR, finally! I’m so happy!

I have a suggestion though: how about making a certain goal for two (or more?…) updates a week? Or unlocking the first few redone chapters? I surely wish you get those 10.000$ in the end, but maybe a few more feasible, smaller goals would be a good idea ;) Just a thought.

I hope Patreon will allow you to focus on the comic full-time, that would be so awesome!


Thank you! The reception for the patreon has been great so far, I’m really happy people are so keen to support the comic.

As for goals, I did have a think about both of those suggestions before launch, but opted to offer rewards and goals that I knew I could actually do, rather than over-promise and risk either not being able to deliver or burning myself out. In particular, getting extra updates done might just totally kill me. I don’t have a page buffer at all at the moment – if I could manage to get one, I’d definitely consider a goal for faster updates in the future.

As for redoing earlier pages… hmm. It’s a difficult proposition, especially for a comic with as many pages as RMR. I’ve see a lot of webcomics get stuck in a bit of a trap of redoing pages, and then by the time they’ve redone them they need to be redone again to keep up with the progress the artist made while redoing them.

That said, if there was enough demand I would consider it. I’ll for sure be looking for feedback on what patrons want to see from the comic, and if redone pages are a priority then it’s definitely on the table.

As for the $10,000 goal… :D I don’t think I’m ever getting that URL, dammit.

My biggest dream is being able to focus on the comic full-time – my living expenses are extremely low (I live in Dundee, after all) so it’s actually surprisingly viable! I guess we’ll see how it goes.


I see, that’s fair. Regarding your scruples about making any “double update” goal, I saw some creators which operate by charging people per page – that’s also a safe option in case you need a break or feel like updating erratically. So I’d consider that too. The system isn’t so badly thought-out, it has to be fun after all ;)
Good luck, so far so good!


I actually spent months swithering over whether it should be “per page” or “per month”. There’s upsides and downsides to both, but I think “per page” is more confusing in the end, and also risks charging people a lot more than they might expect if I do indeed start updating more frequently. I think with a per month pledge patrons can budget a bit more easily, too. Per month is kind of better for me as well as I’ve never had a stable monthly income in my entire adult life. I’m looking forward to a tiny bit of economic stability!

My scruples about double updates aren’t really scruples in the end – I just think it would be crazy time consuming for me at the moment, and I’m not sure I could manage the workload without completely ditching all of my other work.

Really appreciating the discussion, by the way! I’m happy to take any and all suggestions on how the Patreon might be improved.


Haha, cheers! I can totally relate to wanting economic stability. In this day and age, even some degree of feeling secure is priceless.

I guess we’ll all see how things go in a month or so. For now, I only have one small suggestion, or more of a reminder, really (’cause I’m sure you thought of that already): making a link to your Patreon on a sidebar, of course :)


Patreon!? At last! I… really can’t afford it, but Ive been vocal about wanting this for too long. Time ta put my money where my heart is. $25 for you and I’ll just go a bit easier on the Scotch, to balance my budget. :p


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