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October 14, 2016


I love how the *sigh* is handwritten, in contrast to all the other spoken lines on the page. I can hear it differently.


I sorta feel like there should be a choir of angels singing in panel 3. The stance that blondie has, with the brilliant light behind him, and his serious demeanor, could, if the dialogue was removed, be construed as the picture of a great orator or pastor giving a sermon.

Yeah, my mind goes funny places, but it could be an entertaining caption contest! ;D

Beautiful work as always! Plus, it’s nice to get a little more insight into why Saiamar is tracking down the Triarchs. The game is afoot!


I blief he is mainly tracking them down because fluffy Triarch (Ezio) was less than helpful with getting him to his child.
No door shall keep this angry father from his half orphaned son

(fully orphaned? two-thirds orphaned? how does the math on orphaning work with step-dads?)


I’m not sure if it’s a good thing that the governing rulers can disappear and noone notices, or if it reflects badly on the effectiveness of government in general.

Then again, as a beuraucrat myself, I sometimes think that if our government just left us to do our jobs, things would go so much smoother…


Man, is Saiamar just going to take over the office now?
Nobody will be able to complain as long as he does the job,
better than a vacancy I guess ^^
The remaining triarch (monarch in that case I guess) will probably …’complain’ vehemently though.

Saiamar’s face is awesome.


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