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October 12, 2009

Fffff, this is the closest I’ve come to missing an update in a while, but not today, since it’s around 11pm in my timezone, so booyah. I wasn’t able to finish this page before I left for Glasgow this weekend, and had a busy morning/early afternoon today, so here we are. At least it’s finished now.

Lots of niggly things to draw in this page – mainly, how does one draw a crude steampunk sniper rifle? By blobbing lots of weird brushes around in Photoshop, as it turns out. I’m sure anyone who knows anything about guns is about to pull me up on what a mess it is, but I did my best, durnit.

Edit: Horatio keeps bugging me about this so here we go, apparently there’s some sort of caption contest going on over here. You guys love captions, right? Right? Right. You guys are all about the captions.


Oh yeah… Anti-Armor heavy caliber rounds for soft targets… Looks like one of the coming pages will feature lots of tomato juice if colonel trenchcoat catches a bullet.
Those things tend not to make holes but to seperate body parts from one another…


It’s a gun. It shoots things. D:


I sure hope it does ^^
Just going by the size of that thing it was rather designed to take down lightly armored vehicles. If you worked with some actual fotos as reference, you sure got pictures of anti-material rifles. But I guess they can be used against “soft” targets just as good. Maybe even better…


Actually, the size is supposed to be due to the fact that guns in general are a very new technology in the setting. You can probably imagine gunpowder being seen as not especially useful when there’s a load of people running around who can ignite it with their miiiind from a distance.

As it stands, show that thing to anyone on the street and they wouldn’t have much of a clue what it is. I figured any sort of tech in early development like that would probably be pretty bulky and unwieldy. As for references, I pretty much just looked at sniper rifles and chunked them up a lot. :)


As a former trained killer (USMC, class of ’97), I found nothing wrong with either the firearm or the panel; it appeared as if the shooter was settling into position.

So, well done ;)


Great, seems like I lucked out there. :) I ended up doing a lot of posing myself, trying to figure out how he would be moving while holding something like that, so I guess that helped a fair bit.


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