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September 30, 2016

All that stomping about and window smashing, and for what?

Sorry about the missed update last week, that was obviously not ideal. I had a bit of a rush of freelance work (mostly due to delays from my eye infection) and I had to make a decision between doing my work, doing the comic page, or rushing to do both and wrecking my wrist.

That said, everything’s back on schedule now, so hopefully that should be the end of the weird delays. Thanks for reading, everyone!

As a final small aside, the autumnal filler art from this post is now available as a print!


So… Fluffy hair did a coupe?
Would be my best guess.

Looking forward to the further politics.

I like lighting, the red beams from the outside are jsut gorgeous.


I just noticed how elegant those panel’s outlines are, I love them! But it’s even better to know you’re in good heath at last, those are the most important news. Take care of yourself :)


Sai, mate, they’re clearly trying to pull a fast one on you; the dead plant, the cobwebs, the dust… this is what they call an “orgy of evidence”. *Obviously they are avoiding you and have quickly spruced the office up (down?) To make it look abandoned, all to have to avoid dealing with you. :p

I’m now imagining a sort of specialist team being called in for this kind of service, “un-cleaners” or somesuch…

* * *

Okaaaay, that’s enough inanity for one comment. It’s good to see another update! I hope you’re well again Rose, and neither eye nor wrist nor anything else troubles you again. :)


Hmm…I don’t get it, why aren’t they cleaning it? And making it look like somebody’s been away for only a couple hours. At least that’s what I’d do as the only Triarch…Or Monarch if you prefer.

Sidenote: Ooh, it’s my first comment here! So umm, I’ve been reading this for years, and I love the pages and the story so far.


“At least that’s what I’d do as the only Triarch…Or Monarch if you prefer.”… it takes someone to open the office and clean which means someone else may know, and someone else may leak.

I am guessing only Triarch trying to do job of 3 is really short on time and staff.

It is possible that the others are not replaced by coup but instead busy on super secret project tied to what was stolen from other side, both sides are really afraid of war. It is possible that secret was something similar to “how to make an atomic bomb in age without atomic bombs”, something that would give one side an overwhelming edge in a war when solved.


Ohhh-boy. You’d think I would have expected exactly this sort of a scene after all the evidence on the previous page, but i didn’t expected it to look -abandoned-. Nicely done! :)

Now I am -really- curious just what in the world is going on here in Imara. :D


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