Page 103

September 10, 2016

We’ve come this far, what’s one little door?

A page! Finally! My eye infection has cleared up for the most part, so updates are back on. Once again, thanks for all the kind words and patience from you guys while I was ill. It sucked, but you were all so lovely, and I really appreciate it. I’ll endeavour to be less sick in future.


Saiamar: Master of diplomacy.
If it wasn’t for an unfortunate relation with Lethe, Adrianna could quickly become his best friend.
They’ve got the same basic problem approach when they are pissed.


Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it, because at some point it’ll happen anyway:

This page was worth the wait.

Lines, textures, lighting, coloration, characterization & movement, story progression…it has it all, and in spades. It makes me wish I had kept drawing as a kid and taken it more seriously as a possible profession and not just an absent-minded hobby.


Thank you, really pleased that people seem to be enjoying this page after the wait. :)

Also, it’s never too late, you know! I really, really do encourage other people to take up drawing and painting if it takes their fancy. It’s a very rewarding way to spend your time, and it’s something I feel you can start doing at any point in your life. There’s obviously a time investment, but that’s true of most things that are worth doing. Creating something that only you can create is a very singular feeling.


Glad to see that your eyes are going better !

But now, those are mine that trouble me : is the old woman smiling seeing what our heros is going to do with that flower pot ?

Also, is magic really that less tiring than just handling the flower pot with hand or is it just an example of the Rule of Cool ?



And yes, she does have a small smile on her face. This is probably the most interesting thing that has happened to her on the job for quite some time.

As for the magic, I figured if I was recovering from a stab wound and had just stupidly vaulted over a desk, I’d probably be looking for ways to avoid bending over and picking up heavy things. Also, yes, magic is cool.


Just love the first panel with its impressive perspective. Story apart, this is what makes this such a great graphic novel and one I whose next page I await impatiently. It just goes on getting better.


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