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August 5, 2016

Saiamar reminding everyone he has a job besides terrible things happening to him.


Oh yeah, there is absolutely no way that anything could go wrong with this situation. Nope, none whatsoever. :D

Very nice lighting (as usual)! Quick question though, are those gauzy curtains billowing from external airflow or internal airflow? The only reason I’m wondering is that previously the outside seemed very reddish (and sandy), so I’m curious if the location is more sheltered and/or the time of day is making the difference. :)


Nah, that is Saimar’s sheer determination.
Like in anime when two fighters face off and the wind picks up :P

Jokes aside, I concur with the sentiment of the ‘This could not go wrong’.
As in ‘This is going to go horribly wrong and I’ll need popcorn’


Re: airflow, I suppose there are dozens of fan-wielding plebs standing off to the side, wafting air through the chamber for minimum wage.

More seriously, the Imarans are all about big displays of grandeur and ingenuity through magic, so I imagine (for I am not an engineer or architect) that it’s cool underground air, perhaps from a stepwell, that’s being piped in in some elaborate fashion in order to combat the hot climate.


Aha! That sounds like a reasonable explanation, thank you, Rose! I most certainly like the detail of Imarans having such distinguishing cultural/architectural/technological characteristics. I’m a sucker for good world development. :)


I dunno, I’d have thought being the universe’s chew toy would be a pretty full-time occupation…

Not to mention all the time put into cultivating that beard! ;-p


It’s hard work, beard cultivation.


Yup, beard cultivation certainly does take effort. Sometimes I just want to stop shaving & trimming and go full “Grizzly Adams” (again), but then I remember how much heat it traps and the annoyance it is to have beard -everywhere- when you’re trying to eat & drink, so I stop being [as] lazy and keep it in a reasonable state of roguish handsomeness. ;)


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