Festive Delays

December 29, 2015

Hey guys, just a quick note to say that the last few pages of this chapter will be up as soon as I can manage it, though unfortunately I’ve got a stack of other work that’s taking priority at the moment. Definitely within the next couple of weeks, though. And then I will be having a massive sleep.

Anyway, in the meantime here’s some more music I composed a while ago. I’m about 80% sure I haven’t posted this online before, but if I have just give me a kick and I’ll dig up something else. A theme for Dakaia:

See you in the new year!


Where’s Dakaia again? I I forgot.(• )- •) Do you have a real orchestra? It sounds real.


Dakaia’s the capital of Imara, and the current setting of the comic – the city Samara’s airship just landed in, where Galak was fighting guards, and so on.

I don’t have a real orchestra! My goodness, that would be insane. It’s all done digitally. Nice to know it sounds convincing, though!


Though I was kinda frustrated of the delayed pages, ( I can understand that you’re busy and all), I was still frustrated.
And then THIS! Yay!

This was all I needed! Love the music! Love the bells especially.
Thank you so much!!!


Man! I can’t stop listening to the music, all 6 of them! So good!

Is it available in any other format besides in sound cloud? (I’m new on sound cloud), cuz there is no repeat button, is there?


I’m really glad you’re enjoying them! They’re not available anywhere else at the moment, the music is mostly just a little hobby I’ve kept to myself. I’ve been planning to release a full album for a while since it seems like there’s some demand, but finding the time has proven quite difficult – a recurring theme of my life, haha.

That said, if you don’t mind me emailing you I can probably send you a few mp3s.


Rose, you can enable mp3 downloads from Soundcloud. Under the menu titled with your username, select “Tracks”. Put a checkmark next to tracks you’d like to make available, then hit “Edit Tracks” and hit “Permissions”. This will give you a new window. The first option is “Enable Downloads”, then hit save.

Thanks for the cool story and art, and for the music.


To be honest I’d prefer to distribute mp3s via Bandcamp, and only once they’re properly finished. At the moment it’s all a bit scattered in terms of mixing and the arrangements on some of the tracks, and I just don’t feel too great about releasing them onto the web that way.


I wish you the best for the new year.
Work that actually pays and family takes precedent over the comic,
I think nobody will argue that.
To a year in good health, without mayor technological fails and paying work.
To money in the purse, pleasant warmth in the partment and food in the dridge.

See you in 2016


Could i ask what software you use to create your music?

I’m heavily into sonic Pi, but open to playing with anything that
can create stuff as good as yours. :)




Hey, cheers! I don’t use anything very fancy at all, just an old version of FL Studio and a heap of freely available soundfonts I’ve collected over the years.


That moment when you finally catch up on all the pages, and go “Noooooo! I can’t have reached the end (for now)!”

Hope you’re keeping warm and having a good new year so far :)


Haha, thank you! Unfortunately I’ve been a bit ill with yet another chest infection all throughout January, hence the delays in getting back to updating. For anyone reading deep down in the comments here, expect a new page within the week!


Damn, you can’t catch a break, huh? May you get better.
…and may scotland move closer to the equator or something so it is less wet and cold.
Dunno how many people would approve, but it would sure help you


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