Chapter 6 Cover

October 29, 2016

I hope you guys are looking forward to this chapter. I’m looking forward to this chapter.

The response to Red Moon Rising’s Patreon launch last week has been fantastic! Thanks to all of you who chipped in, and also to those of you who spread the word. It really means a lot to me, and is a great first step towards hopefully being able to work on this thing full time one of these days.

We’ve blown right past the $100 mark, which is of interest to everyone reading (patron or not) since it means I’ll be permanently removing all ads from the website ASAP. Cheers, guys!


*I’m* looking forward to this chapter too…

… izzat a snow globe? Or some sort of lamp?

Also, I’ve now a keen desire for tea and scones, and it’s not even 9 in the morning yet.


Woo tea parties! And some odd thingy in a globe, that can’t be important xD

Are you going to add a Patreon button on this site? Other than your posts under the page, there’s no indication you have one. It’s interesting how even a small steady amount of money can help out.


Oooh exciting! Congrats on reaching the 100$ mark on Patreon; the website will look so much smoother without the ads.

It took me a moment to realize the tiny thing in the glass dome was /way/ too small to be a sword.

Hoping to see how the main characters are faring soon. Based on our last glimpses of them, they probably all have some form of concussion right now.


Thanks! That’s them pulled down now, never to be seen again. I’m actually really pleased about this, I found them very ugly but it was hard to justify getting rid of them and subsequently making almost zero money from the comic.

I already got rid of some of the more rubbish ads from miscellaneous networks a couple of years ago since I had to actively police them to make sure they weren’t sending pop-ups to readers or grinding the site load times to a halt. The Project Wonderful ones weren’t as bad, mostly for other webcomics, but that was still some weird crap on there that I’m glad won’t be jammed into the site any more. I imagine most people are using ad blockers now anyway, so!

That said, now the right sidebar is completely empty, and I’ll have to figure out what to put there. Obviously a patreon banner or button of some kind, but I’ll have to have a think about what else. Open to suggestions!

I could always re-jig the site to remove the right sidebar entirely, but I’m a bit worried about breaking the whole thing at this point, haha.

Anyway, yeah, it is not a tiny sword! As for the main characters… well, it’s fun for me to see in the comments who people seem to think the main characters actually are. Stay tuned!


Ink nailed it regarding the item in the glass enclosure (or at least that’s my guess as well), and I think that, considering (most) everyone’s propensity for cloak & dagger type shenanigans in Imara & Ashul, that the tea setting is an ominous venue despite it’s charming appearance. ;)

Glad to hear that the Patreon has started out well! I did not expect ads to be removed from the site so quickly, but I’m not complaining either, even though I didn’t notice any trouble with them. As for the site’s UI, I encourage you not to remove the sidebars, as that is a major design overhaul best left for a total site revamp project, and instead add a Patreon banner or button. If there’s too much leftover space for your aesthetic eye then maybe add other relevant self-marketing type items, but keep in mind that sometimes clean & simple works too, as it draws less attention away from the most important thing, the comic itself. :)


Thanks! I didn’t expect it to hit that goal so fast either. As I said above, I have no real love for ads, and it’s a business model that’s pretty much dead in the water for sites like mine.

I think I removed the worst of the ads after you started reading, there used to be a second tall sidebar ad, and another wide ad in the footer. Man, those sucked. Not very targeted, and sometimes malicious. The Project Wonderful ones were ok, but they were split into different geographical regions, so there might be some weird ad showing in the US & Canada region, and I wouldn’t see it unless I went into the ad page itself and clicked around. Made it quite hard to police, and after a while I just left it to do its thing. I’m sure there were some sexy MMOs being advertised that I wasn’t exactly thrilled about.

Anyway, that’s probably good advice on the UI, removing even one of the sidebars might be a bit of nightmare at the moment, and I definitely have better things to be focusing on. Plus you’re right, it’s kind of nice not to have stuff everywhere! I can probably live with the slightly empty sidebars for now.


Sometimes being the Johnny-come-lately has it’s advantages, though usually it’s just the size of the archive you get to read before catching up. ;)

As for the UI, I’m sure that if you leave it as-is and you do, at least sub-consciously, still want to fill in missing space on the sidebars, that your mind will provide the necessary inspiration when the time is right; the human brain is an amazing thing. One possible suggestion though: a link/banner/icon to a page that contains links to all of the music that you’ve created for the Red Moon Rising world. There certainly seemed to be a keen interest in the music when you shared it, so having the “soundtrack” easily accessible and visible would be a nice bonus for both new and existing readers.


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